Mike Albert + Big "E" Band
with Ed Enoch and The Stamps Quartet

Gospel and Inspirational Concert

Mike Albert, Ed Enoch and The Stamps

Mike Albert's "Ultimate Tribute" show has become known worldwide for the respectful portrayal of the late Elvis Presley. The show had its beginnings with Mike using sing-a-long tapes of Elvis' hits. Mike won several major world "Elvis" contests, and demand for his shows resulted in putting together a seven piece Big "E" Band, to emulate the sound Elvis' band had in the Vegas shows and on tour. An appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show and being featured in six music videos on the national show "A Current Affair", with Maury Povich, further exposed audiences to Mike's talent.

Ed Enoch is a legendary vocalist in the music industry. His professional capabilities and dynamic and powerful voice have earned him much respect. His lead voice is strong - powerful - inspiring and clearly recognizable in the music industry. Ed grew up in a small town East of Nashville, Tennessee, and he has never forgotten his roots. He attributes his music success to a Christian upbringing where he sang in church and it instilled in him a realness of faith in God.

Ed began his early professional music career singing with Gospel music legend, Jake Hess in Nashville, TN. In 1969, Ed joined the Stamps Quartet and became backup vocalist for the “world’s greatest entertainer“, Elvis Presley, from February 1971 until August 1977. During his shows, Elvis introduced Ed Enoch from the stage as: “The best and most powerful lead singer in the world”.

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