Nine Days

Midland 295 Concert

Nine Days

Rock bands can have second acts. After taking a decade-long break, Sleater-Kinney returned in 2015 with the critically acclaimed "No Cities To Love" album. The band was re-embraced by fans. It's a similar story for bands such as Fall Out Boy and Blink-182, each of whom hit the charts, took a hiatus and then returned for successful comeback albums and tours.

Nine Days is the latest band to enjoy commercial success, opt for a break, and then reform. The group, which was formed by singer-songwriter friends John Hampson and Brian Desveaux in 1994 in their native Long Island, struck a chord with fans and critics with the relentlessly catchy "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)." The memorable single, which takes Gen Xers back to another time and place, hit the top of the charts in 2000 and propelled the band's major label debut, The Madding Crowd, to go gold.

  • John Hampson (vocals, guitar)
  • Brian Desveaux (vocals, guitar)
  • Jeremy Dean (keyboards)
  • Nick Dimichino (bass guitar, backing vocals)

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