Ordinary Super Powers
with Mark Henson

Mark Henson

Mark Henson is a lifelong entrepreneur and the founder of sparkspace -- a unique and exceptional business retreat center in Columbus, Ohio. Mark's Ordinary superpowers are exploring new ideas and spaces, simplifying things and sharing ideas through writing and speaking. In addition to leading his team at sparkspace, Mark writes books, conducts retreats, speaks at conferences and coaches people who want to get more fully engaged with life and work.

Ordinary Superpowers are the talents that create the most positive difference in your life, the lives of others, and the world around you. If that is something you wish to create in your life I invite you to attend the next Superpower Discovery Day at The Midland Theatre November 7th. It's a 90 minute, self-discovery workshop led by author and public speaker, Mark Henson, where you'll identify and clarify your superpowers, and create a plan to use them with more intention and purpose.

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