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Without the generosity of The Midland Theatre family and friends, we would not be what we are today. There are a number of ways you can be a part of something very special here at The Midland Theatre.

Illuminate The Midland Theatre

Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs

Support The Digital Marquee Upgrade

The iconic Midland Theatre, a beacon of culture and artistry in our beloved city, is poised for a dazzling transformation. We’re on a mission to upgrade our historic gem with a state-of-the-art Digital Marquee, and we need your support to make it shine! This much needed upgrade will cost an estimated $130,000, and will illuminate The Square for many years to come.

Picture a gleaming display that captures the spirit of the Midland Theatre with vibrant colors and dynamic messages, guiding guests to a world of captivating performances and cultural experiences. This isn’t just a marquee; it’s a digital canvas that will weave the story of our community’s vibrant arts scene for generations.

Why Invest in Brilliance?

Preserving History: The Midland Theatre stands as a testament to our rich cultural heritage. By upgrading to a Digital Marquee, we preserve its historic charm while embracing modern technology.

  • Elevating Experiences: Imagine the excitement of scrolling through upcoming shows, highlighting special events, and welcoming patrons with personalized messages. A Digital Marquee creates an immersive experience for our audience.

  • Boosting Community Pride: Your support isn’t just a donation; it’s an investment in our community’s cultural identity. A revitalized Midland Theatre will become a source of pride for all who call this city home.

  • Enhanced Visibility: A dynamic Digital Marquee is not just eye-catching; it’s a powerful marketing tool. Boost the visibility of local businesses, sponsors, and partners, creating a win-win for everyone involved.

How You Can Make a Difference?

Donate Today: Every contribution, big or small, brings us one step closer to our goal. Your generosity fuels the transformation of the Midland Theatre into a beacon of light and creativity.

Be a part of the magic, be a part of history! Your support fuels the arts, enriches our community, and ensures the Midland Theatre continues to be a beacon of inspiration for generations to come. Together, let’s illuminate the path to a brighter, more vibrant future!

You can make a tax deductible donation to The Midland Theatre online, text or by mail!