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Without the generosity of The Midland Theatre family and friends, we would not be what we are today. There are a number of ways you can be a part of something very special here at The Midland Theatre.

Annual Fund

Thank you for helping us continue to have a positive, creative, cultural and economic impact on Licking County. To become a donor, please contact the Midland Theatre Box Office at 740.345.5483. You can become an Annual Fund Donor by visiting our Membership Portal. If you have any questions, please contact Maryann Cirst at or by calling 740.349.9218 x 5.

Underwriter $5000+

Michael & Barbara Cantlin
Jerry & Debbie McClain

Benefactor: $2500-$4999

Doug and Bev Donaldson
Jim & Amy Matesich

Founder: $1000-$2499

Ron Alford
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Ruth Campolo
Robert L. Clark
Jeff and Jane Cox
Dan & Diane DeLawder
Dennis and Melody Bascom Frey
Neil and Viki Hall
Greg and Beth Hall
Tim and Susan Lehman
Laura and Ed Lewis
David Litle
John and Caryl Lloyd
William T. McConnell
Douglas and Sue Mill
Jack and Nancy Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Sharkey
Noble and Kathleen Snow
Sarah and John Wallace
Pattye Whisman, M.D.

Investor: $500-$999

Robert Allen and Diane Weaver
Steve and Diane Andrews - Technical Options, Inc.
Christy's Pizza
Kent and Heather Dubbe
David and Carol Duval
Waste Away Systems, LLC
Jeff and Lisa Emery
Ben and Lisa Englefield
Bill & Kim Englefield
Bruce and Donna Fouch
Mitchell and Cynthia Friel
Dr. Bijan Goodarzi
Ralph and Sheri Gutridge
Michael and Cheryl Harris
John Hartnett
Doug and Cindy Hessenauer
Ralph and Linda Howard
Ben and Celeste Jennings
John and Christy Jones
David and Sheila Klontz
Linnet's Flowers on the Square LTD - Gary & Linnet Lowe
Greg Mays
Tim and Debbie McLain
Menzer Family
Brian and Jenny Morehead
Michael and Connie Morris
KEBL Family Fund
Robin Pierce
Lucinda A. Prince
Karin Dahl and Paul Rice
Zane and Carole Wachtel
Andrew and Ann Walther
Cindy and Thaddeus Webster
Jan and John Weigand
Mr. and Mrs. Weigel

Patron: $250-$499

Michael and Julie Ashcraft
Tom and Margo Baker
Ben and Jennifer Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Berman
Jerry and Bonny Billman
John L. Bostwick
Paul and Barb Chapman
Brian Crock
Jim and Jo Fedor
James G. Francis
David and Judy Gawelek
Geiger Farms
Craig & Gloria Goodwin
Handelman Law Office
Lynn and Betty Hatfield
Ann Howard
Molly Ingold
Abram W. Kaplan
Jim and Mary Larimer
Sarah Leavell
Stephen and Karen LeMasters
Randy & Kim Lust
Tommy Malone
Geraldine D. Marston
Jill & Brent McDonald
Mark and Laura McPeek
Jacqueline Morgan
Randy and Mary Jo Moxley
Bruce and Annette Myers
Jacqueline Nethers
James and Sharon Overmier
Robin Patton
Julie and Chas Pavalko
Glen Perry
Kacie Pintz
Robertson Construction
Scott & Karen Sagle
Steve and Polly Schneider
Brad and Meme Shumaker
Jon and Sharon Spahr
Doug and Kelly Stutz
Michael and Sharon Thompson
Tom and Nancy Ulrich
David and Cheryl Way
William Wright
Joe Young
Brad and Tricia Zellar

Supporter: $100-$249

Glenn and Alice Ann Abel
Donald and Michelle Acquista
Advanced Realty Management
Tony and Rita Adams
Jean Allen
Jacqueline and Phillip Ames
Nancy Evans Anderson
Greg and Tina Angeletti
Snapshots Lounge
Ed and Laurie Avery
James and Cheryl Azbell
Cheryl Bachelor
Ed and Julie Bacome
Jim and Jay Bahnsen
Dave Barrett
Bob and Chris Baumann
Joseph Beale
William Bell
Belt Insurance Agency
Joe and Jill Bending
Joe and Martha Bennett
D. Bennett and W. Moore
Shelli Berry
Michael and Borgany Bierly
Don Bowers
Joseph Bowman
Barb and Jayme Braddock
Karyn Brandon
Nancy Bronkar
Frank and Pauletta Brooks
Mel and Joanne Brown
Richard and Nancy Brown
John and Dorothy Brown
Elaine Bruck
Kevin and Trudi Bruns
Robert N. Burleson
Robert and Jodie Byrd
John Byrd
Richard Campitelli
Diana Caton
Myra J. Chaney
Pam and Darrell Chevalier
Anthony Christy
Timothy Church
Danny and Carol Clarke
Doug Coffman
Bruce Collen and Neica Raker
Sharon K. Cookman
James and Ellen Cooper
Richard Corney
Keith and Carol Crabtree
Margo Fraser and Doug Crawford
Angi and Mike Crawford
Randy and Maryann Crist
Dr. Joseph and Nancy Crock
Tim Crowley
Brent Culver
Laura Curphey
Jeff Danby and Melinda Woofter, M.D.
Jeff Danford
Mr. ans Mrs. Elliot Davidoff
Dennis and Sue Dew
Glenn and Ellen Divan
Stan and Bobbi Dixon
In Memory of Skip Dolen
Marilyn Doll
Jim and Sharon Donnelly
Kenneth and Catherine Drake
Jeff and Lorna Duffield
Guy and Linda Dugan
Russ and Kim Dunn
Don and Sue Dyar
Kenny Eagle
Bruce and Barb Efaw
Mike and Camilla Egan
Bob and Barb Eisenbach
William and Kelly Elliott
Jack Emerson Family
Stewart and Linda Erholm
Jill Evans
Katherine Evans
David and Sandy Evans
Kevin Eveland and Debby Chaconas-Eveland
Don Eyer
George and Kim Fackler
Patsy Farmer
Bill and Mindy Farrow
Don and Shirley Fee
Craig Ferguson
John Fey
Gregg & Becky Foltz
Rocky Frazier
Thomas Fulk
Sharon Fuller
Steve and Janet Gall
Steve and Jere Kay Gardner
Betty Gay
Tracy & Arlene Gentry
Diana German
German Bus Sales
Environmental Staffing
John and Lu Gibson
Clyde Gilbert
Roy Gottlieb
Larry Grady
Michael & Lori Gramke
Kirk and Tonya Grandy
Tim and Linda Gray
Ted and Cristy Greene
Douglas Grimm
Nancy Grossman
Kelly Grube
Scott Hall
Joseph Hall
Don and Shari Hallowes
Richard Hammond
Cheri Hanby
Doug Hannum
Richard and Kathy Harrison
David & Amy Hartman
Edward Hayes
Ann Haynes
Lee and Sally Heckman
Larry Heiser and Vicki Thompson
Marsha & Rick Henderson
Karen and Gina Hendricks
Mike and Marilyn Hickey
Beth Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Holcomb
Kim & Dave Hoskinson
Gary Hughes
Tim and Nancy Hughes
Roseann Hurst
Marsha and Jerry Hurt
Lewis and Rita Huston
Peggy Hutchinson
Marilyn Inceoglu
Billy and Debbie Jefferson
Pat and Linda Jeffries
Johnny John
Linda Jones
Gerald Jurden
James Kalna
Dr. James Karpac
Dale and Cindy Keena
All In Casino Events
Trevor Kerns
Jeff Kidwell
Brian and Christy Kilpatrick
Paul and Deborah Klouda
Mimi Koch
Charles Kohl
Bruce and Karen Kolbe
Karin and David Kratoville
Thomas and Pamela Kreider
Beth and John Krulcik
Robert Kugel
Amelia Lambert
Jeff and Barbara Lamp
William and Virigina Lavelle
Larry & Rebecca Lavendar
Robbin Alan Layne
David and Sue Leibig
Cecilia Leist
Dan and Leanne Lesko
Bob & Gina Lewis
Larry and Maeanna Lindamood
Mr. & Mrs. Justin Lodge
John Logan
Ronald and Lynne Logsdon
Carolyn Lowe
Debbie and Terry Lowe
Richard Lueckel
Roger and Rosella Lynn
Toni Lyons
Rick and Angie Maier
Julie Manning and Michael Dalsanto
Cindy Mansfield
Douglas B. Marston
Beth and John Martin
Carol Martin
Kathy & Chuck Marty
Service Olympians
Carole & Pat Matheny
David Mathew
Dr. and Mrs. Val Matula
Erica Mauter
Carl and Melanie May
Joanna and Mark McClain-Jamco Athletics
Robert and Patricia McGaughy
Randi & Tim Mclaughlin
Mark McVay
Brenda Mears
Mike and Diane Mennen
Andrew & Deborah Merritt
Eric and Julie Mestemaker
Trudy Sharp and John Meyer
Linda Miller
Doug Miller
Thomas Miller
Mark and Mary Miller
Cobina Miller
Jeff and Donna Mitchell
Jan and Lew Mollica
Tony Mollica
Sheri Monroe
Bill and Debbie Moore
Debbie and David Morrison
Muchnicki Family Fund
Tom and Ann Mullady
Denise and Mark Mullett
Linda and Pete Myer
Tom Myers
Monte and Janet Nagy
George Nash
Chris Neely
Craig Nelson
Jeffrey Niceswanger
Edward Nutter
Dan and Joan Omlor
Melissa and Brock Owens
Don and Melanie Pagath
Stuart and Marcia Parsons
Joe and Cathy Pastre
Mike & Terri Patrick
Patterson Financial Services
Vale Pelletier
Regina and Allen Perk
Barbara J. Pettit
Stephen and Lori Phillis
Jonathan Price
Art & Andi Prince
Fred Pryor
Gene and Beth Raab
Mitch and Brenda Ranck
Barbara Ransopher
Wes and Pamela Raynor
Judy Reuter
Angie and Keith Richards
Tyler and Jennifer Ridella
John Ridenour
Larry and Diane Riffe
Judy Riggs
Barry Riley
Tricia & Robby Robinson
Tom and Ellen Robinson
Red and Cheri Rogers
Brad Ross
Katherine Rossmann
Martha Rowland
David and Leda Rutledge
Marc and Gayle Scarrett
Mike Schmidt and Dawn Egelston
Butch and Becky Schneider
Tom and Fran Scono
Donald Scott
Sharon Sellitto
Debi and Jerry Severson
Renee and Mick Sharp
Scott Shipley
Chris Shonebarger
Dave and Tickie Shull
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Silver
Brian and Renee Simpson
Mrs. Charles F. Sinsabaugh
Gary and Penny Sitler
David Post and Sheena Sjostrand-Post
Douglas Stone and Amy Sloter
Rebecca Smart
Glenn and Annette Smith
Mark and Linda Smith
Joseph Smith
B.J. Smith
Gary and Brenda Smith
Doc and Ginny Smith
Karen Smith
Eve Smith
Cynthia and Daniel Smith
Debbie Smithers and Tom Opie
Steve Butler and Linda Snouffer
Steven and Diane Snow
Tim Solt
Robert Spindle
Tim and Cindy Sposato
Doris Ann Spriggs
John and Denise Spring
Victoria Spring
Elaine Sturm
Robert M. and Dianna L. Sutter
Paul & Lisa Szymkowski
Ed and Erin Tatum
Judith Thedos
Susan Thom
Philip and Terri Thomas
Bob and Celeste Thomas
Dick and Darla Thompson
Greg and Carol Thompson
Dean Thorniley
Nancy Tomei
Larry Tomes
Robert & JoEllen Tope
Norm and Melissa Tremblay
Bob and Beth Uhlin
Arthur Ulrich
Thomas Underwood
Don and Barb Urban
Kenneth and Shirley Varner
Frank and Susan Walker
Pamela Walton
Bob and Emmy Walton
Jeff and Pamela Watkins
Deborah Watkins
Dan and Lee Ann Webb
Jon Weiss
Marc Wells
Wade and Cindy Wetzel
Dennis Weyandt
Bob and Carol Wheaton
Willard and Sharon Wheeler
Carolyn Whipkey
Kathy and Bruce White
Mike and Heather Whitehead
Dave Whiteman
Pat and Liz Wigle
Gordon Wilken and Anna Landerfelt
Randall and Regina Williams
Randy and Cheryl Williams
Suzann and Tim Wilson
Mike and Janet Wilson
Paul and Barbara Wilson
Thomas Wilson Manufactured Homes
John and Rita Wilson
Jason and Melissa Winterhalter
Kathy Wise
Eric Wittel
David and Marlene Wolfe
Andrew Wood
Ted Woodruff
Daniel Worth
Jerry and Eva Wray
Joyce and Dave Zinsmeister