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Without the generosity of The Midland Theatre family and friends, we would not be what we are today. There are a number of ways you can be a part of something very special here at The Midland Theatre.

Annual Fund

The Midland gratefully acknowledges the following contributions which were received from January 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017. Thank you for helping us continue to have a positive, creative, cultural and economic impact on Licking County. To become a donor, please contact the Midland Theatre Box Office at 740.345.5483. We are currently unable to process online donations.

Underwriter $5000+

Jerry and Debbie McClain

Benefactor: $2500-$4999

Dan and Diane DeLawder
Doug and Bev Donaldson

Founder: $1000-$2499

Ron Alford
Michael and Barbara Cantlin
The Englefield Foundation
Dennis and Melody Frey
Bob and Hannah Lehman
Tim and Susan Lehman
John and Caryl Lloyd
Jim and Amy Matesich
William T. McConnell
Menzer Family
Janet and Thomas Schultz
Noble and Kathleen Snow

Investor: $500-$999

Steve and Diane andrews - Technical Options, Inc.
David Bussan
Jeff and Jane Cox
Kent and Heather Dubbe
Ben and Lisa Englefield
Ralph and Sheri Gutridge
Larry and Jill Harer
Ben and Celeste Jennings
David and Sheila Klontz
Brenda L. Kutan
Stephen and Michele Layman
Laura and Ed Lewis
Linnet's Flowers on the Square LTD - Gary and Linnet Lowe
Greg and Pam Mays
James A. Medsker Family Fund
Brian and Jenny Morehead
Michael and Connie Morris
Robin Pierce
Jack and Nancy Schmidt
Zane and Carole Wachtel
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Wallace
Pattye Whisman, M.D.
Terry and Ann Williams

Patron: $250-$499

Robert Allen
Ben Barton
Jerry and Bonny Billman
Capuano’s Pizza
Paul and Barb Chapman
Dale and Cynthia Crane
Karin Dahl and Paul Rice
Lois and Edward Del Grosso
Diebold Educational Consulting
Carol and David Duval
David and Sandy Evans
Jim and Jo Fedor
Bruce and Donna Fouch
David and Judy Gawelek
Geiger Farms
Roy M. Gottlieb, D.D.S.
Richard and Kathleen Gummer
Bob and Ruth Handelman
Tom and Deb Harvey
Lynn and Betty Hatfield
Clarissa Ann Howard
Kenneth and Caryl Kemper
David and Lynne Kishler
Jerry and Marilyn Krebs
Dan and Sarah Leavell
Bob and Gina Lewis
Dr. Paul Detty and Tracey Lifer
Geraldine D. Marston
Brent and Jill McDonald
Mark and Laura McPeek
Rob and Lauren Montagnese
Randy and Mary Jo Moxley
Clark and Robin Patton
Richard and Rosella Peck
Walter and Judy Preston
Barbara Ransopher
Angie and Keith Richards
Aimee and Joshua Sanders
Victoria Spring, MSW
Doug and Kelly Stutz
Michael and Sharon Thompson
Tom and Nancy Ulrich
Adam and Anne Weinberg
Mike and Lisa Zehnal

Supporter: $100-$249

Glenn & Alice Ann Abel
Fred Abraham
Agenda Business Consulting
Kaye Alban
Mary Albright
John Allison
Nancy Anderson
Phil and Kathy Annarino
Sterling and Beth Apthorp
Julie Ashcraft
Thomas Ashcraft
Christine Ault
Chris and Vickie Avery
Carlene and Michael Ayers
Ed and Julie Bacome
Jim and Jay Bahnsen
Gary and Terrie Baker
Jeff Baker
Tom and Margo Baker

Mark and Pam Baldeschwiler
Karen Barger
Dave Barrett
Rene Reinhard and Bruce Bartlett
John and Kim Bartley
Bob and Chris Baumann
Joseph Beale
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Beattie
Todd and Katie Belt
Jill and Joe Bending
Deborah Bennett and William Moore
Joe and Martha Bennett
Barry Besece
Dave and Becky Bibler
Shellie Bishop
Tom and Cathy Blaies
Susan L. Blake
Barb and Dan Blatter
Thomas Bloomer
Diana and Joseph Bochnak
Paul Bodycombe
Don and Sandy Bolen
Jean Boorn
John Bostwick
Barb and Jayme Braddock
Don and Melinda Bradley
Tor and Florence Brattli
Samuel Brewer
Brewsky’s Drive-Thru and Pizza
Briarcliff Mx
Mike Brock
Frank and Pauletta Brooks
Jill LeVere and Scott Brown
John and Dorothy Brown
Mel and Joanne Brown
Richard and Nancy Brown
Elaine Bruck - David Corbin
Judith L. Buell
Robert Burleson
Ann and Brady Burt
Robert and Jodie Byrd
Jim and Louise Calandra
Dennis and Lori Carlson
Samuel and Cynthia Cassandra
Cat Run Ranch
Ed and Elaine Chanda
Myra J. Chaney
Christa and Jeff Chrisman
Danny and Carol Clarke
Mike and Kathy Clum
Doug Coffman
Bruce Collen and Neica Raker
Thom Collier
Fred and Tamara Collins
Clinton Colvin
Sharon K. Cookman
Dale and Esther Cooper
James and Ellen Cooper
Vickie Corbett
Richard Corney
Liana Coutts
Margo Fraser and Doug Crawford
Bob and Nancy Crist
Dr. Joseph and Nancy Crock
Janet Curtis
James and Dorothy Daley
Jeff Danby and Melinda Woofter, M.D.
Jeff Danford
Mark and Judith Dann
Robert and Dianna Dardinger
Dr. and Mrs. Elliot Davidoff
Kevin E. Davis
Ken and Lori Dean
Devine Farms
Dennis and Sue Dew
Eric and Kim Dickover
Marie T. Dickson
Si and Trish Digman
Larry and Sue Dillard
Glenn and Ellen Divan
In Memory of Skip Dolen
John and Brenda Donaldson
Sharon and James Donnelly
Jack and Carol Dougherty
Jeannette K. Drake
Jeff and Lorna Duffield
Guy and Linda Dugan
Steve and Melanie Duggins
T. Michael and Tracy Dunn
Don and Sue Dyar
Frank and Mary Earl
Joe and Christy Ebel
Mike and Camilla Egan
Don and Tracy Ellington
George and Tracy Elliott
Jack and Beth Emerson
Matthew Engle
Environmental Staffing
Stewart and Linda Erholm
April Ernst
Maurice Ervin
Sue Ety
E. Chris and Patsy Evans
Kevin Eveland and Debby Chaconas-Eveland
Don Eyer
Angela Farrington
Bill and Mindy Farrow
Don and Shirley Fee
Craig Ferguson
Jo Ferguson
Mark Fetko
John and Sharon Fey
Annette Fisher - Kelly Porterfield
Gregg and Becky Foltz
James and Doris Francis
Haley Frazier
Margie Frazier and Dave Lippert
Ellen Fry
Thomas Fulk
Ron and Sharon Fuller
Steve and Janet Gall
Jerri Gard and Caren Bair
Steve and Jere Kay Gardner
Betty M. Gay
Chester and Cheryl Geiger
Dino and Valerie Ghiloni
Vince and Mary Jane Ghiloni
John and Lu Gibson
Paul Gilkes
Lisa Gilmore
Dr. Bijan Goodarzi
Kirk and Tonya Grandy
Linda Gray
Michael Greene
Ted and Christy Greene
Douglas Grimm
Dr. David Grosshandler
Thomas and Kelly Grube
Fran Litten and Dan Guanciale
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gurio
Carlos Guzman
Neil and Viki Hall
Sharon L. Short and Donald B. Hallowes
Rick and Ann Hammond
Rick Hannah
Doug Hannum
Larry and Bev Hansel
David and Nancy Hardy
Diane Harris
Michael and Cheryl Harris
Dr. James W. Harrison
Rick and Kathy Harrison
John Hartnett
Andy Hathaway
John and Tricia Haughn
Rick Hayden
Bill and Jackie Heath
Lee and Sally Heckman
Larry Heiser
Greg and Barb Held
Steven Held
Dan and Suzanne Helmick
Marcia and Rick Henderson
Karen and Gina Hendricks
Tom and Sally Henry
Rob and Denise Hess
Doug Hessenauer
Tom and Barbara Hickey
The Hiebels
Lesley and Garrie Hill
Craig and Phyllis Hindman
Monique Hindriks
Mark and Mysti Hittle
George and Linda Holbrook
Jonathan and Brenda Holcomb
Steven Houseman
Ralph and Linda Howard
Shelley Howell
June Huf
David and Sheila Hughes
Nancy and Tim Hughes
Roseann Hurst
Marsha and Jerry Hurt
Lewis and Rita Huston
Lucinda Hutchins
Peggy Hutchinson
Karen Hutton
Fred and Trixie Hyser
Janet Ignatius
Molly Ingold
Tom Baxter and Linda James
Pat and Linda Jeffries
Johnny Allen John
Gerald Jurden
Dr. James Karpac
Don Karr
Mac and Sheila Kennedy
Margaret Kerns
David Kessler
Rebecca Kessler
Daniel Kielmeyer
Brian Kilpatrick
Kevin and Becky King
Bill Kirkpatrick and Anna Nekola
John Klauder & Assoc Landscape & Design
Paul and Debbie Klouda
Bill and Valerie Knapp
Jerry Knappenberger
Rebecca Kolb
Tom and Terri Kosik
Robert and Michelle Kozel
Karin and David Kratoville
Thomas and Pamela Kreider
Beth and John Krulcik
Bob and Laurie Kugel
Doug and Debbie Kullman
Gary and Molly Kurtz
Hydi and Charlie Laidlaw-Smith
Patti Lambert and Lindsay Mays
Rick Lampert
The Landram Family
Bruce and Beverlee Langner
Jim and Maxine Lantz
Jim and Mary Larimer
William and Virigina Lavelle
Larry and Rebecca Lavendar
John Lawrence
Robbin Alan Layne
Bill and Sue Leedale
David and Sue Leibig
Jeffrey Lewis
Matthew Lewis
Michelle Lewis
Thomas Lewis
Gregg and Lori Libby
Larry and Maeanna Lindamood
CR and Chris Litts
Carolyn Lowe
Tim and Debbie Luckeydoo
Ann and Bill MacDonald
Rosalie and Jerry MacDonald
JD and Cheryl Mace
BJ Magoo
Rick and Angie Maier
Richard and Cynthia Mansfield
Mark Builders, Inc.
Douglas B. Marston
Beth and John Martin
Chuck and Kathy Marty
Bill and Pat Mason
Val and Lisa Matula
Carl and Melanie May
Chris and Tonia May
Michael McClung
Mary Jane McDonald
Vickie and Tim McDowell
Robert and Patricia McGaughy
Michael and Debbie McHenry
Deborah McInturf
Tim and Randi McLaughlin
Brenda Mears
Wendy and Chad Melick
Jim and Linda Melick
John Meyer and Trudy Sharp
The Midland Theatre Volunteers
Midwest Case Company
Mike’s Auto Service - Buckeye Lake
Doug and Diane Miller
Matt and Alison Miller
John and Lois Minsker
Francine Mitchell
Janie Mohler
Jan and Lew Mollica
Tony Mollica
Jacqueline Morgan
Dr. Laurinda Morris
Morrison Family
Martha J. Morrison
Mortellaro McDonald’s
Jodi and Ron Mortimer
Patricia Moss
Tom and Ann Mullady
Mark Mullett and Denise Edmunds
Dwight and Susan Musgrave
Pete and Linda Myer
Michael and Shelly Myers
Jacqueline Nethers
Jerry and June Nethers
Newark Optometry
Tim Newstrand
Dr. and Mrs. Sy Viet Nguyen
Shanna Nolan
Edward Nutter
Dorothy Oberfield
O’Brien-Bernini Family
Mark Ochsenbein
Beth Ossa
Brock and Melissa Owens
Diane Paetz
Don and Melanie Pagath
Bill and Tammie Parker
Bryson Parlet
Stuart and Marcia Parsons
Joe and Cathy Pastre
Patterson Financial Services
Paul and Nancy Paxton
Robert Peck and Dorothy Mentz
Vale and Lynn Pelletier
Brent Pennell
Regina and Allen Perk
Paula and Jim Perrault
Charles and Diana Petrie
Ron Petty
Stephen and Lori Phillis
Kacie Pintz
Scott and Amy Polzin
Henry D. Porter
Jeffrey Powers
Jennifer Pratt
Linda Price
Fred Pryor
Beatrice Pursley
Darlene and Dave Queen (Subway)
Steven and Katie Quincel
Ronald Quinlan
Gene and Beth Raab
Wes and Pam Raynor
Rick Reed
Greg and Emily Rhoads
Tyler and Jennifer Ridella
John Ridenour
Larry and Diane Riffe
Stephanie and Craig Riggle
Judy Riggs
Raejene Riley
Jim and Tammy Roberts
Tom and Ellen Robinson
Meredith and Adam Roslovic
John and Tami Rossignol
Katherine Rossman
Michael Rostorpher
Lynne Rotruck
Bob Rowe Re/Max Capital Centre
Martha Rowland
Scott and Karen Sagle
Skip and Carol Salome
Todd Salome Enterprises
David and Nancy Samson
Rhonda Savage
Savoia Family
Marc and Gayle Scarrett
Stephen Schaller and Kim Fleming
Julie and Clair Schell
Jeff and Heidi Schlaegel
Vern and Joy Schmid
Mike Schmidt and Dawn Egelston
Becky Schneider
Steve and Polly Schneider
Tom and Fran Scono
Steven and Linda Scott
Sharon Sellitto
Debi and Jerry Severson
Terry and Gayla Shafer
Sally Shaffer
Brent and Shirley Shenk
John and Cheryl Shirey
Bill and Cindy Short
Edward and Linda Showman
Dave and Tickie Shull
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Silver
Patrick and Kimberly Simon
Brian and Renee Simpson
Mrs. Barbara Sinsabaugh
Gary and Penny Sitler
Don Six
Tom and Joyce Slater
Heidi Slisher
Douglas E. Stone and Amy Faye Sloter
Ed Smallwood
Rebecca Smart
Cynthia and Daniel Smith
Gary and Brenda Smith
Doc. Ginny Smith
Jan and Al Smith
Mark and Linda Smith
Steve Butler and Linda Snouffer
Steven and Diane Snow
Tim and Jan Solt
John and Veronica Sowers
Jon and Sharon Spahr
Bill Sponseller
Doris Ann Spriggs
John and Denise Spring
Sherri Stankus
Jay and Vicky Stephan
Eric Stockwell
Gary and Lori Stradley
Dr. Dan Stricker and Suzy Heckmann
Bonnie and Tom Sulens
Russ and Beth Suskind
Robert M. and Dianna L. Sutter
Laura D. Taylor
Cindy Sue Thomas
Mark Thomas
Terri Thomas
Paul Thompson
Richard and Darla Thompson
Dean Thorniley
Robert and Rhonda Todd
Nancy Tomei
Norm and Melissa Tremblay
Jon and Tina Triplett
Arthur Ulrich
Brendan Underwood
Dan and Kim Vail
J & E VanDyne
Judith Vaniel
Kenneth and Shirley Varner
Teri Varney
Jeff and Pamela Watkins
Terry and Carolyn Watson
David Way
Kevin Webster
Steve Wells
Teddy Westlake
Carol and Denny Weyandt
Robert and Carol Wheaton
Sharon and Willard Wheeler
Mr. Michael T. White
Gordon Wilken and Anna Landerfelt
Cindi Williams
R Williams Construction Services
William Wills
Brian and Alicia Wilson
Mike and Janet Wilson
Paul and Barbara Wilson
Teresa and Michael Wilson
Tom Wilson Manufactured Home Outlet
Jason and Melissa Winterhalter
Christine and Bruce Wintermute
The Woehrle Family
David and Marlene Wolfe
Pam and Jerry Woodgeard
Marvin and Barbara Wourms
Jerry and Eva Wray
Michael and Debbie Yantis
Dwayne and Kyra Yeager
Joe and Sue Yee
David Yerian
Don Yore and Melissa Green
Craig Young
Brad and Tricia Zellar
Dave and Joyce Zinsmeister
Sheila Zoladz